Drone Laws in Aruba – information for all drone pilots


If you’re considering buying a drone,5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Drone Articles then there are some things you should know ahead of time.

Where to Buy your Drone

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Stay Out of Trouble

You don’t want to find yourself on the news because you crashed your drone into a plane or flew over restricted airspace. All new – and experienced – drone pilots should educate themselves on the airspace regulations for their country. You should also understand the general safety rules for flying. To get started quickly though, here’s a quick rundown of drone mapping services the best practices for drone pilots that apply for the United States and most other countries;


•Make sure to register your drone through the FAA

•Keep the drone at least five miles away from all airports

•Avoid flying over 400 feet into the sky

•Don’t fly over people without their permission

•Don’t fly drones in national parks